Case Study 1: Is Anastasia Dating Scam?

The role of international dating, born out of the niche of mail order brides, has often faced intense scrutiny in relation to romance scams and criminal activity . When compared to domestic dating, the spotlight on international dating has been far more severe perhaps in part due to an initial lack of regulation and high profile incidents but also the fear of overseas customs and the dangers often associated with travelling abroad . Domestic dating sites now also face a similar scam backlash so it's a valuable exercise to review the practices of an established Russian dating site. knows all too well about dealing with the troubles of online dating scams together with the stigma surrounding the highly publicized issue of mail order brides. Founded in 1993 the site has witnessed many changes over the years giving it a unique perspective on beating romance scam and dealing with international law . With Russian/American ownership Anastasia now operates online dating features including email and Live Chat together with face-to-face Romance Tours that bring single men together with available women from Russia & the CIS.

Global dating is often troubled by fraudulent activity and related companies are sometimes accused of guilt by association. Hardcore critics often accuse sites such as Anastasia of scam and claim it's impossible to banish fraud completely or deal with Russian bride scams in an acceptable manner. But nevertheless international dating is here to stay and as domestic sites now find, regulation and careful monitoring are the best approach to a safe user experience . And with such a vocal dating community, especially on the numerous Russian women forums that exist, users themselves are often regarded as the best source of intelligence.

One of Anastasia's earliest advances was to establish a scam team within its customer service department, which now receives a number of tip-offs every month from men suspicious about the activities of a Russian lady they're in touch with. Common complaints include doubt about a Russian lady's identity, accusations that a lady is breaking site policy by requesting money and also allegations of site misuse. This system of scammer investigation offers significant reassurance to site members irrespective of whether fraud is revealed or the suspicions are without foundation. Anastasia recognized scam early on and knew that such a structure was vital to address issues of fraudulent activity.

Dialogue is an important part of the process of tackling dating site scams although occasionally a customer may still be dissatisfied with the feedback they receive. Anastasia say this is a small proportion of customers as they deal with over 150 million online visitors yearly and more than 2.5 million letters exchanged onsite daily. However, Anastasia treats romance scam seriously and says it regards all unhappy customers as disappointing and operates an open door policy so any client can return to discuss their complaints.

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